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Thank you for your interest in Edwards Health Care Services (EHCS)! Since 1992, we’ve been working with patients and their healthcare teams to provide high-quality diabetes products delivered nationwide for free. We work directly with patients and their healthcare teams to obtain the necessary authorizations, supply the prescribed product, and establish reordering procedures to ensure the patient’s compliance with their treatment regimen. EHCS maintains close relationships with our manufacturer partners (including Abbott, Dexcom, Medtronic, Omnipod, and Tandem) to help facilitate training and product instruction, if necessary.

HCP Resources

Learn more about EHCS, our products, and services in the EHCS Corporate Brochure.

To ensure that EHCS continues to meet the requirements of the FDA and your patient’s insurance, review the following to expedite the process.

HCP Forms & Resources:

Patient Forms:

Referral Process

We welcome referrals from healthcare providers, including physicians and diabetes educators. Complete the referral form, and we’ll reach out to your patient to finalize the process. 

Physician Upload

If you have patient documents, including prescriptions or progress/office notes, you may upload them here. Please be sure to include the patient’s name and date of birth on all files. 

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