Edwards Health Care Services is proud to partner with the best breast pump manufacturers in the world. We offer pumps from the following manufacturers:

Edwards Health Care Services offers a variety of breast pumps, and most insurance policies cover basic pumps at 100%. Currently we offer the following pumps, but if there's something you're looking for that isn't listed, please email breastpumps@myEHCS.com to see if we've added it.

Ameda Purely Yours 
Ameda Purely Yours Ultra*
Ardo Calypso Essentials
Ardo Calypso Double Plus*
Ardo Calypso To Go*
Drive Medical GentleFeed
Drive Medical GentleFeed
Freemie Freedom Deluxe Set
Hygeia Q
Hygeia Enjoye LBI*
Lansinoh Signature Pro
Lansinoh Smartpump*
Medela Pump In Style Advanced Starter Set
Medela Pump In Style Advanced with Backpack*
Medela Pump In Style Advanced with Tote Bag*
Medela Pump In Style Advanced with Metro Bag*
Medela Freestyle Deluxe*
Spectra Dew 350
Spectra S1*
Spectra S1 with Tote*
Spectra S2*
Spectra S2 with Tote*
Spectra 9 Plus*

Breast pumps marked by an asterisk (*) typically require an upgrade fee that is determined by your insurance coverage. Not all insurance policies permit upgrades. Please note that not all pumps are covered by all insurance policies. Many policies permit upgrades at an additional fee. Your breast pump coordinator will walk you through the process, show you the pumps you're qualified for and inform you of any available upgrades.

Ready to order your breast pump? Visit www.myEHCS.com/breastpumps to learn more and to order your pump. After you submit the order form, we will verify your benefits, determine which pumps you’re eligible for and talk with you about your options, including potential upgrades. After you’ve selected a pump, we’ll do all the legwork between your doctor’s office and the insurance company and then ship the pump directly to your door.

If you've already purchased your pump and need help using it, you may contact the manufacturer directly:

*These breast pumps typically require an upgrade fee. Not all insurance policies permit upgrades, and your policy will determine the cost of the upgrade.