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Dealing with insurance companies and doctor’s offices can be a hassle. That’s why Edwards Health Care Services (EHCS) is here to help. We’ll determine your eligibility and coverage, handle all of the necessary paperwork and ship your breast pump directly to your door!

Not ready to order a breast pump, but would still like information on insurance coverage, upgrades or products? Please email breastpumps@myEHCS.com to request info.

Wondering if you qualify for a free breast pump?

Not sure if you qualify for a breast pump or want to know which pump your insurance covers? Please complete the breast pump order form below so EHCS can review your insurance and contact you to discuss your breast pump options. Just have a quick question? Email breastpumps@myEHCS.com

Please note: Submitting the form authorizes us to verify your benefits with your insurance company; we will not ship a breast pump without your approval.

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