Diabetes Medication: What you Should Know

You may need medication to control your blood glucose levels. It is important to take medications described by your physician and report any problems immediately. Those with Type 1 diabetes require the use of insulin each day. Those with Type 2 diabetes take both pills and insulin or just insulin by. Please note, although you are taking medication, you still need to eat healthy, exercise regularly, and check your blood glucose levels each day.

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Oral Medication

Taking pills can help keep blood sugar levels in a normal range and control diabetes. This method will only work with people whose bodies are still making some insulin, because diabetes pills are not insulin. It’s important to understand the below about all your medications.

  • Name (brand or generic) and dose of medication
  • When you take your medication
  • If medication should be taken with or without food
  • Common side effects, and what to do in case it occurs


You should speak with your physician before skipping or stopping your medication. Each diabetes pill works differently, so do not share your medication with others.

Insulin Injection

Insulin is a natural hormone typically created by your pancreas. Those with diabetes are given insulin because their body has stopped producing the hormone or it is not being used properly. 

Several factors are considered prior to prescribing insulin:

  • Length of diabetes diagnosis
  • Blood glucose level
  • Other medications being taken
  • Overall health
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