What is Insulin Pump Therapy?

Insulin pump therapy is a safe, simple way to achieve better glucose control. Insulin pumps are small in size, battery operated, and give you a constant drip of insulin. An insulin pump mimics what a normal pancreas would do and is programmed to meet each patient’s individual needs. 

Have you Been Approved for an Insulin Pump?

Getting an Insulin Pump from EHCS

Edwards Health Care Services offers a range of insulin pumps and is committed to helping improve your quality of life living with diabetes. We strive to deliver timely, courteous, ethical, and personal service…every time!

EHCS offers personalized service when ordering breast pumps and diabetes supplies

One-on-one support and guidance from your very own Diabetes Care Advisor

Easily order breast pumps and diabetes supplies with online account management

Easy supply reorders via phone, email, or web

Automatic shipments for your diabetes supplies if eligible

Auto-ship* program so you can stay Ontrack
*Auto-ship not available for all insurance plans.

Free shipping on breast pumps and diabetes supplies if eligible

Free shipping on insurance products delivered to your home


What is an Insulin Pump?

Insulin pumps replace the need for periodic injections by delivering rapid-acting insulin continuously using a catheter.

Insulin pumps offer many advantages that can simplify your diabetes management. With help from your health care team, insulin pumps can help keep your blood glucose levels within your target ranges.

Benefits of Using an Insulin Pump

Insulin pump therapy provides flexibility for your lifestyle while giving you greater control of your diabetes!

  • Delivers insulin accurately and often improves your A1C
  • Eliminates individual insulin injections
  • Allows flexibility about what and you eat, making diabetes management easier
  • Eliminates unpredictable effects of intermediate or long acting insulin

EHCS works with Medicare, Medicaid, and most commercial insurance plans nationwide! We are dedicated to continuously expanding our reach.

Is Insulin Pump Therapy Right for Me?

Insulin pump therapy is used by people of all ages. Studies have shown that those who use insulin pump therapy show improved glucose management and better lifestyle flexibility. The questions below will help determine if insulin pump therapy might be right for you!

  • Are you comfortable being attached to a device that lets people know you have diabetes?
  • Are you comfortable with the technology and mechanics of operating a pump?
  • Are you committed to checking your blood glucose at least four times per day?
  • Do you have a healthcare team that is familiar with insulin pumps?
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