FREE Diabetes Testing Supplies with E3 Zero Co-Pay Program!

Pulse Health Solutions E3 Zero Co-Pay Diabetes Testing Supply Program

The E3 Zero Co-Pay Diabetes Testing Supply Program from Pulse Health Solutions (PHS) enables eligible SCOIC members to receive diabetes testing supplies at no cost through Edwards Health Care Services (EHCS). Pulse Health Solutions has partnered with EHCS providing a program that will have your supplies shipped directly to your door.

OUR GOAL is to ensure the right product is delivered on-time…every time! We strive to help improve the quality of life living with diabetes.

Why use EHCS?

When you enroll in the E3 Diabetic Care Program, you gain access to a wide variety of blood glucose monitoring equipment including testing strips, lancets, lancing devices and control solution at little or no out-of-pocket costs.*

  • Auto shipment so you never run out
  • Free nationwide delivery 
  • Easy ordering by phone, web and email for additional supplies

EHCS strives to deliver timely, courteous, ethical and personal service to every one of our patients every time. EHCS currently carries the following glucose meters and testing supplies:

  • EasyMax V – EasyMax talking meter
  • LifeScan OneTouch® products
  • Roche AccuChek® products
  • Ascensia (Bayer) Contour® products
  • Abbott FreeStyle® products

EHCS also carries a wide range of diabetes products at a discounted rate, including continuous glucose monitoring equipment, insulin pumps, testing and pump supplies – everything you need to keep your glucose in check.

*Please check your policy to find out-of-pocket costs for those supplies.

About Pulse Health Solutions

Pulse Health Solutions (PHS) E3-Zero Co-Pay Diabetes Supply Program enables companies and their eligible members to receive diabetes testing supplies at no cost through Edwards Health Care Services (EHCS). We are here to supply you with any of your diabetes supply needs shipped directly to your door. Our goal is to ensure you have the right product and delivered on time so you never have to worry about running out of supplies.

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