EHCS and Breastfeeding Bliss Announce Alliance

CLEVELAND, OH, February 5, 2019 – Breastfeeding Bliss and Edwards Health Care Services offer free insurance-covered breast pumps to new and expecting mothers.

Breastfeeding Bliss and Edwards Health Care Services are pleased to announce they have formed a strategic alliance to offer insurance-covered breast pumps to all Breastfeeding Bliss customers. With this alliance, Breastfeeding Bliss customers will have the convenience of an easy, online enrollment process to access insurance-covered, high-quality, name-brand pumps from Medela, Ameda, Spectra, Hygeia, Ardo and Lansinoh, which are typically covered by most insurance plans. Brands typically offer one breast pump covered at 100%, and there are often upgrades available.

By working with the breast pump experts at Edwards Health Care Services, Breastfeeding Bliss can offer mothers outstanding customer support as they navigate the insurance process to get their free breast pump. As soon as an online application is submitted, the mother will receive a call from a breast pump expert, who will confirm the mother’s details and complete the application. Then the breast pump expert will contact the mother’s insurance provider to find out which breast pumps are covered and will report back to the mother. Once the mother chooses her breast pump, Edwards Health Care Services will obtain the doctor’s prescription, place the order on the mother’s behalf, and have it shipped directly to her home.

According to the CDC, there are about 3.6 million births per year in the United States, and approximately 83% of those moms will try breastfeeding. However, a survey last summer revealed that fewer than 1 in 5 expectant mothers knows all three of the main Affordable Care Act (ACA) benefits designed to support breastfeeding, and 42% did not know breast pumps are covered at no cost. Many moms are overwhelmed by the thought of navigating the insurance process themselves in order to receive their free breast pump. With Breastfeeding Bliss and Edwards Health Care Services, though, all they need to provide is their personal information, insurance plan information, and doctor’s contact information, and the heavy lifting will be handled by the breast pump experts at no charge.

“This strategic alliance is very exciting for both organizations. It brings together the expertise of the breast pump experts at Edwards Health Care Services and the many Breastfeeding Bliss mothers who are eligible for free breast pumps. We’re thrilled to be able to offer this service to mothers who are committed to providing their babies with breast milk,” says Katie Stansberry, founder of Breastfeeding Bliss.

About Breastfeeding Bliss:
Breastfeeding Bliss ( is an online shop for breastfeeding moms to find nursing and pumping supplies, tips and support all in one place. After struggling at the beginning of her breastfeeding journey, Katie Stansberry, founder of Breastfeeding Bliss, wanted to create a happy place where breastfeeding moms could find practical tips, positive inspiration, and the newest and best breastfeeding products. On her “Back to Bliss” breastfeeding blog, she shares her personal stories and tips for making breastfeeding an easier and more enjoyable experience. The Breastfeeding Bliss online store carries a broad range of carefully curated breastfeeding supplies and pumping essentials, including nursing covers, breast pumps, baby carriers, nursing pillows, breast pump bags, and more.

For more information about Breastfeeding Bliss, please contact Katie Stansberry, Founder and Owner, at

About Edwards Health Care Services:
Edwards Health Care Services ( is a provider of direct-to-home, high quality medical products, breast pumps, and diabetes supplies. For over 25 years, they have been lighting the way to better health by providing customers with an easier way to have products delivered directly to their door. By partnering with healthcare professionals, product manufacturers, and a large network of government and private insurers, they are able to fulfill their deep commitment of personalized customer service and a simplified order process for every customer…every time!

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