How Breast Pumping Can Be Helpful for Moms

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Today, moms like you have more options than ever when it comes to feeding your baby breast milk for as long as you choose. Some moms opt to nurse their baby at the breast, or breastfeed, for as long as possible before beginning to pump and store breast milk. Other moms start pumping right away and alternate between breastfeeding and pumping from the moment their baby is born. Some moms even pump exclusively, though this is sometimes due to special situations like latching difficulties, low milk supply, or the baby requiring a NICU stay – all of which can make exclusive pumping the only option for providing the infant with breast milk.

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Whatever your situation may be, there are often unique positives and challenges associated with each method of breast milk feeding. Many moms eventually settle on a routine that combines both nursing and feeding pumped breast milk. In fact, there are many benefits of pumping and having the right breast pump can make all the difference in your overall experience. Some of the positives associated with pumping include:

Help with supply issues. Pumping can help to alleviate milk supply issues, especially those that may occur around the time that your hormones are shifting after pregnancy and when you are returning to work. Because breast milk is produced on a supply-and-demand basis, pumping while you are away from your baby can help keep your supply strong and provide some flexibility so you can continue feeding your little one with breast milk while away or even after going back to work.

The convenience factor. When on the go or away from home, having pre-pumped breast milk ready in a bottle can be a convenient feeding option. Keeping pumped breast milk on hand may be an especially helpful secondary feeding option while traveling or in a pinch.

Getting a little shuteye. Moms may ask for help with feeding the baby. By pumping and storing breast milk, others like partners, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends can feed the baby – which is just one way they can feel more involved in his or her day-to-day needs!

Offering options to ensure baby’s nutrition. Pumping breast milk may be a solution for moms with low milk supply, sore nipples, or inverted nipples who wish to provide their baby with breast milk. Receiving breast milk by bottle is also often easier for babies with latching difficulties, cleft palates, tongue ties, developmental delays, and/or babies who were born prematurely. Additionally, a lactation consultant (or specialist) can help when your baby has latch issues, and can often also offer referrals for solutions to tongue tie.

Of course, how you feed your baby is entirely up to you because only you know what’s best for both you and your newborn. Ensuring that your little one receives your breast milk – whether through nursing, pumping, or a combination of both – is ultimately what’s most important. When pumping, having the right breast pump – one that fits your lifestyle and can be seamlessly integrated into your day to day – can be a major game changer in promoting a positive, stress-free pumping experience.

Medela, the #1 mom and doctor recommended breast pump brand*, are the makers of the Freestyle® breast pump, which is an upgrade option for most commercial health plans. Freestyle is a double-electric breast pump designed for active moms who pump multiple times per day and it is engineered to optimally support your busy, on-the-go lifestyle:

•   Ultra-compact, lightweight, and easily mobile, complete with a rechargeable battery that provides 3-hour battery life between charges and eliminates the need for an outlet to pump.

•   Intuitive digital display with memory button, timer, and convenient backlight for easy tracking and recording of pumping sessions, day or night.

•   Protective barrier, known as Overflow Protection, that blocks breast milk from entering the breast pump – this is often referred to as a “closed system”. Moms can learn more about Medela’s Overflow Protection and open and closed breast pump systems at

•   Hands-free to allow moms to remain active and easily multitask while pumping.

Having this freedom while pumping – and a breast pump innovated to support the needs of today’s moms – is often the reason why many moms choose to upgrade to the Freestyle. However, regardless of which breast pump you decide on, it’s important to order it in advance of your expected due date when possible. This provides ample time to familiarize yourself with the pump, its functions, and how it works, so you can begin confidently pumping soon after birth. Be sure to check your insurance-covered breast pump eligibility, as you may quality for a discounted breast pump like the Freestyle without significant out-of-pocket costs.

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