Medicare Covers Dexcom CGM

Dexcom G5® therapeutic continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) System is covered under Medicare for all people with diabetes on intensive insulin therapy who meet the eligibility criteria. Use of a CGM system may help lower A1C and reduce risk of hypoglycemia, making the Dexcom G5 system a great way to manage your diabetes. In fact, a recent study showed that persons 60 years old and older who were on multiple daily injections using a Dexcom system achieved a 1.0% A1C reduction in 24 weeks — the same decrease seen in people ages 25 to 29!

How CGM works

CGM is a FDA-approved system that displays your glucose levels every 5 minutes and alerts you when your level is headed out of range to help prevent high and low events. The Dexcom G5 system consists of three components: a sensor, transmitter and a receiver:

1. Small sensor that is placed on the abdomen and measures glucose levels just beneath the skin
2. Transmitter that is fastened to the top of the sensor and sends data wirelessly to the Dexcom G5 receiver or connected smart device
3. Receiver that shows your glucose trends in vivid colors so you can easily see when it’s high, low or within range

Is a Dexcom system right for you?

Talk to your doctor about how you might benefit from using the Dexcom system, especially if you:

•   Want better overall control
•   Have an A1C over 7%
•   Have hypo unawareness
•   Feel like your glucose levels are on a “rollercoaster”
•   Are afraid of going low
•   Have difficulty managing your glucose with exercise
•   Have trouble managing your diabetes while traveling
•   Struggle to manage your glucose levels while sleeping
•   Have family and friends concerned about your diabetes

Get Started

If you’re interested in the Dexcom G5 for Medicare, we can help! Our team of Diabetes Care experts are standing by, ready to walk you through every step of the process, from obtaining the right paperwork to shipping the product and setting up reorders for supplies.

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