GentleFeed Dual Channel Breast Pump


GentleFeed Dual Channel Breast Pump is a double electric or battery-operated breast pump that is to be used when a baby would normally be breast feeding, which is multiple times daily. The device is capable of single- and double-pumping, and comes with two silicone comfort breast inserts and a convenient carrying tote.

  • LED display provides status of programs and functions
  • Adjustable multi-level dual channel for optimum expression
  • Includes two soft silicone cushion breast cups
  • Bottle feeding adapter kit and storage containers with lids
  • Closed system anti-backflow diaphragm prevents milk from entering the tubing or electric motor
  • Bisphenol A (BPA) Free
  • May be powered with four AA alkaline batteries
  • A/C power supply included
  • Convenient carrying tote
  • One year limited consumer warranty
  • Prescription required when purchased through insurance
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