Hygeia FIT


 This pump will truly FIT into your lifestyle. This hospital-strength breast pump is compact, lightweight, and ultra-quiet with a digital interface and rechargeable battery. The Hygeia FIT gives moms the freedom to pump on-the-go while providing convenience, comfort, and efficiency. Every day, today’s moms have work and travel, and the Hygeia FIT is the perfect pump to meet those needs. The Hygeia FIT features:

  • Over 250mmHg suction strength
  • 2-phase pumping ability (expression mode and massage/stimulation mode)
  • Backlit digital LCD screen
  • Timer to track pumping time
  • Closed system to prevent milk from going into the pump or tubing
  • Lightweight, compact pump – weighs 0.5 pounds and fits into the palm of your hand!
  • Comes with a breast pump, Personal Accessory Set, AC power adapter, and instructions for use
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