Medela Wide Base Nipples – Medium Flow


Medela wide base silicone nipples are available in medium flow for feeding newborns and infants. Compatible with all Medela breastmilk bottles, the BPA-free silicone nipples have a natural feel and shape and are easy-cleaning (dishwasher, Micro-Steamed, boiled or hand-washed). For use only with wide base collars (Medela breastmilk bottles come with wide base collars).

Medela’s Commitment to Breastfeeding and Breastmilk: Medela is committed to supporting the WHO Code’s call for commitment to breastfeeding and breastmilk as the optimal nutrition for the growth, development and health of babies. In line with the AAP guidelines on introducing bottle feeding, Medela recommends that breastfeeding be well established before introducing a nipple.

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